Nonwoven Materials Industry

In the production of nonwoven materials, wet strips are dried with streams of hot air according to the suspension drying principle. In the process, the strip is transported without contact by a series of air cushions at speeds of approximately 305 m/min.

It is imperative for the production environment to be absolutely clean in order to ensure high quality. When the production line is started and stopped, the web tension can vary and material that has not yet dried can stick to the surface of the air bars.

PlasmaCoat® prevents the strip material from adhering to the air bar surface and reduces the accumulation of suspended matter from the environment. It can prevent partial or total blockage of the system.

Prevents machine downtime and time-consuming cleaning and maintenance work. Significantly increases productivity.

- Wear-resistant combination coatings

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Prevention of adhesion to rolls and improvement of traction properties  
Corrosion protection coating with very good barrier protection for warm, humid environments 
Nonstick coating improves web tension and prevents blockage 
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