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Fruit bars and granola bars are made of a chewy, sticky mass. The shaped dough is cut into long strips and then divided into portions. The bars are sealed in foil and then conveyed into the outer packaging.

The cutting, transporting and portioning processes result in recurrent interruptions in the production flow, The long strips either stick to one another or the individual fruit bars adhere to the transport rails. This results in machine downtime and production time losses.

Coating the spacers and rails with ChemCoat® significantly improves the production flow. The optimized nonstick properties prevent the dough strips from sticking together. The improved sliding properties reduce frictional resistance and allow the fruit bars to slide effortlessly along the track to the packaging station.

Prevents interruptions for cleaning or eliminating blockage. Optimizes production times and considerably reduces production costs.

- High quality nonstick and sliding coatings

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A coating that provides improved nonstick properties and low friction values 
Quick emptying with a nonstick coating 
Reduced machine downtime and less waste with a nonstick coating 
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