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Molded parts are made using injection molding for the production of insulators for energy plants. In the process, the liquid elastomer, pressurized and heated, is injected into the steel die (consisting of a mold core, sheath and base plate). When the form has cooled off and the elastomer part has hardened, the mold is opened and the finished part removed.

Adhesions between the bridge of the injection channel and the final product repeatedly occur when the mold is removed. This results in cracks and fractures that have to be reworked. Release spray must be used so that the parts can be dislodged from the mold without leaving residue.

TempCoat® improves mold removal, particularly in the injection channel. The durable nonstick coating improves the removal of the finished parts in the long term, without cracking and fractures.

Quicker and easier removal from the mold. No waste, cost savings are realized since the release spray is no longer needed.

- Wear resistant slide coatings with nonstick properties

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Reduce cleaning time by 95% with nonstick coating 
Improved mold removal without cracks and fractures with nonstick coating 
Optimized traction properties, wear protection and electrical conductivity with a coating 
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