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In the production of special foils, various types of adhesive - depending on the specific application - are applied to both sides of long sheets of film. The film is then dried by a series of surface nozzles that blow air onto the sheets. At the end of the line, the cooled films are cut and wound onto rolls.

The nozzles must be cleaned after each new production job. The amount of residue on the nozzles depends on the adhesive used. The cleaning process is time consuming and can take up to half an hour per nozzle. With over 30 surface nozzles per line, cleaning can easily take an entire day. When order specifications change often, cleaning becomes a substantial proportion of the total production time. The mechanical cleaning which is frequently required damages the surfaces of the nozzles over time.

TempCoat® dramatically improves the nonstick properties of the nozzle surfaces. Less adhesive sticks to the nozzles, and any remaining residue can easily be removed with a cloth. The nozzles are protected from wear. Electrical conductivity is retained despite the coating, so the films do not become electrically charged.

The effort required to clean the surface nozzles was reduced by 95% after the nozzles were coated. Productivity was increased considerably, because entire cleaning shifts could be eliminated.

- High quality nonstick and sliding coatings

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Reduce cleaning time by 95% with nonstick coating 
Improved mold removal without cracks and fractures with nonstick coating 
Optimized traction properties, wear protection and electrical conductivity with a coating 
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