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Most modern book binders use very powerful PUR adhesives to glue the spines. The adhesive is heated to the required processing temperature in a glue basin and applied to the spines of the books using multiple coating rolls.

At the end of the day, the equipment is shut down and the adhesive cools off and hardens. Extensive mechanical effort is required to remove the residue. Valuable time is wasted cleaning the glue basin and coating rolls. Cleaning normally has to be done on a daily basis before the book binder is started up. The cleaning process damages the rolls and basin over time.

The application of ChemCoat and MagnaCoat considerably improves the nonstick properties of glue basins and coating rolls. The hardened adhesive residue can peeled off the basin and roll by hand, and the machine is quickly ready for use again.

Cleaning time and machine downtime can be drastically reduced. Rolls and glue basins are not damaged.

- Wear resistant slide coatings with nonstick properties

- Polymer coating systems for high chemical resistance

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Reducing cleaning time and preventing damage with non-stick coating 
Easy cleaning without cleaning agents and cloths thanks to nonstick coating 
Extended serviceable life thanks to extremely hard wear-resistant coating 
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