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Development project with the Fraunhofer Institute for a surface coating used for deflectors such as those on seat belts.

Improvement of sliding properties and durability

The new surface treatment is very resistant to abrasion and has a serviceable life about twice as long as the previously applied fluoropolymer coatings. Depending on the application and the previous coating, the new treatment reduces sliding friction several times over. The thermoplastic coating with very good sliding properties and wear protection is well-suited for many applications in machinery and vehicle manufacturing. It adheres to metal surfaces - even on electroplated and phosphated bases. The matt-glossy surface of the coating is also available in colors other than black, upon request.

Lower retraction forces mean the belt can hardly be felt when the passenger moves. The less expensive coating material and higher durability result in significant cost reduction.

- Wear-resistant combination coatings

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Durable corrosion protection with good sliding properties 
Abrasion-resistant slide coating and good protection from wear 
Nonstick coating eliminates the need for release spray and extensive cleaning 
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