Mud-rotors have been plagued with excess wear, corrosion, erosion, de-lamination of chrome and low drilling times. Most mud rotors have historically been chrome plated or nickel plated.

Select appropriate coatings to increase drilling times, reduce wear, increase corrosion resistance and reduce repair times. The coating must be capable of handling horizontal and vertical flexing.

The application of SuperChrome I, SuperChrome II and Armorclad considerably improves the chemical resistance, increase wear resistance and better corrosive resistance to both alkaline and acidic environments. The use of a thermal spray substrate and a fluoropolymer top coat allows for the elimination of the polishing step and allows for a lower co-efficent of friction at start up.

Main benefits are quicker repair times, lower porosity, harder coating material and variety of coating systems to customize for application. Switching from hard chrome eliminates the historical issues of fractures in coating allowing for de-lamination of coating and pathways for contamination to penetrate to the substrate material.

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Wear, corrosive resistance, and chemical compatibility are the major issues with ball valve applications. 
Coatings must be capable of handling horizontal and vertical flexing. 
Use of appropriate coatings will increase drilling times, reduce wear, improve corrosion resistance.  
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