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Impreglon Cellramic is a member of the Impreglon group of companies.  Impreglon Cellramic, Inc. is a high-tech company that specializes in the application and finishing of high performance coatings.

Impreglon acquired Stork Cellramic, Inc. in October of 2011. Stork Cellramic had a tradition of pioneering and introduced the concept of documented Quality Certification for anilox rolls as well as state-of-the-art MH-YAG engravings in 1996. Stork Cellramic was created in 1986 when Stork acquired Coating Specialists for Industry a 17-year old company. Coating Specialists for Industry was leader and innovator in the technology of thermal spraying.  CSI had developed and patented several ceramic/DuPont fluoropolymer materials composite coatings, some of which are still in use today. CSI developed and patented a process to make one of the first laser engraved anilox rolls in 1978. Impreglon is proud to add this facility to our growing family of truly worldwide coating companies

Impreglon will continue to remaine a key supplier to the Flexographic printing industry, with 23 worldwide locations is continually developing custom and unique coating to meet our customers’ needs.


Impreglon Cellramic is now a leading manufacturer of anilox rolls, and specializes in the resurfacing of worn anilox, idler and water rolls, and the application of Engineered Coatings for industrial components. Impreglon Cellramic features anilox roll engravings custom-tailored to perform in challenging metering situations, including UV flexo, fine process and heavy adhesive applications. Utilizing robotics, plasma spray, wire arc, and HVOF processes, we are able to apply advanced thermal spray coatings to machine components. Our coatings are engineered to improve equipment performance; the quality of our coatings are confirmed by our in-house metallographic analysis laboratory.

Component and assembly failures are often caused by excessive wear, corrosion, high temperatures, or a combination of the three. The right coating of ceramic, metal or polymer, thermally sprayed, can help to minimize or even prevent common parts failures. Impreglon Cellramic offers a full range of thermally sprayed surface treatments that work to extend the life of your parts and, ultimately, maximize the efficiency of your processes. The main industries we serve are:

·  Laser Engraved Anilox Rolls for the Flexographic Industry
·  Paper, Printing and Converting Industries
·  Land-Based and Aerospace Gas Turbine Industries
·  Food Processing and Packaging Industries
·  General Industrial Application

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