Fine Finishes


Impreglon Baltimore has a wide array of capabilities that are required to produce finely finished detailed parts. We can apply virtually the entire spectrum of Mil-Spec coatings in either liquid or powder. If the application requires high precision, we can apply the coatings with semi-automated or robotic controlled spray equipment. We have the ability to perform many types of metal preparation, including both hexavalent and non-hexavalent chromate conversion. We also provide detailed masking services as well as part marking and silk-screening. If you require custom packaging or finished assembly service, we can meet your needs on that end as well. Impreglon Baltimore clearly has the ability to meet your fine finishing requirements from start to finish.

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We can fulfill your CARC coating requirement on interior or exterior parts, using either liquid or powder.  
Impreglon provides detailed masking services as well as part marking and silk-screening. 
America as well as those in Europe have turned to Impreglon when expertise and precision are required. 
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