State of the ArcTM

Impreglon’s State of the ArcTM system provides the highest quality cathodic arc films. Based on our proprietary “Arc Enhanced Glow Discharge” (AEGD) technology, parts are cleaned and coated to promote the highest level of film consistency and mechanical adhesion. A wide range of both low and high temperature materials can be applied in the same machine which offers maximum system flexibility. 


Other features include:

• Cathode placement design allows quick target replacements
• Cathode capacity can be increased to utilize 24 targets
• “Heavy Weight” capacity will support parts up to 500Kg
• Large chamber capacity
• Providing double rotation as standard, with triple rotation available
• UHV Pump System – Quick pump down of chamber to eliminate contaminants

One Technology - Maximum Flexibility - Maximum Coating Adhesion -Uniform Deposition
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One Technology - Maximum Flexibility - Maximum Coating Adhesion -Uniform Deposition 
While there are many materials that are applied using this system, the most common “targets” used include: Titanium (Ti); Zirconium (Zr); Chromium (Cr); Gold (Au); Silver (Ag); Tungsten (W); Copper (Cu) and Hastelloy. 
The majority of “Functional Coatings” are applied using this technology. Parts that are coated utilizing this technology require a metallic base. 
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