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Steel cord is used to produce automobile tires. It is made by drawing out the wire to decrease the diameter. Later it is used to form wire mesh that reinforces the tires.

Steel wire is drawn over several drums until it reaches the desired diameter. Over time, grooves form in the drum collar. In the past, the drums were lathed to restore the surface. However, this can only be done a limited number of times before the drum has to be replaced.

PlasmaCoat® allows the wire drawing drums to be refurbished again and again. It has greater resistance to wear than the original surface and thus increases the serviceable life. The coating lasts about one year.

This eliminates the very high cost of repeated lathing and purchasing new drums.

- Wear-resistant combination coatings

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Wear protection prevents downtime for higher performance 
Reconditioning possible through an extremely hard wear protection-coating 
Easy removal of hot glue residue on hot melt adhesive tanks and application heads 
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