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The hydropower plant at Augst on the Rhein river near Basel produces up to 250 million kw/h of electricity each year. Seven straight-flow turbines have been in operation at the modern low-pressure run-of-river power plant since 1994. In this special bulb turbine construction type, the turbine and generator form a unit. They are not connected by a drive shaft. The water flows through the generator's rotor.

The rotor disk is no more than 2 mm away from the turbine. After approximately 80,000 hours of operation, the excessive force of the water causes the rotor disk to wear, resulting in grooves up to 10 mm deep. The turbine's output drops drastically when the wear is too great. The power plant can no longer generate the planned amount of electricity.

The MagnaCoat method coats damaged areas so that the turbine can again achieve full output for up to 80,000 hours longer. The new coating can be applied without refinishing the parts. It must be applied precisely to ensure that it does not exceed the distance of max. 2 mm between the turbine and rotor disk. This is possible only with devices developed specifically for on-site applications. A turbine can be coated within four days, dramatically reducing standstill time.

Restores the hydropower plant to its full capacity.

- Polymer coating systems for high chemical resistance

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Reconditioning possible through an extremely hard wear protection-coating 
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